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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sailboat STEAM Challenge

We ended the school year with STEAM Lessons!
Science Technology Engineering Art Math  

One of our STEAM challenges was designing and building a boat that will sail and also hold weight. 
We talked about designs of boats and how they move.  We brainstormed a class chart.  We also listed materials that boats are made out of and to think how our materials could be used.  We used a lab sheet that went through each step of the engineering and design process.  I always have my students design on their own and then makes groups.  I do no more than three in a group to manage problems and allowing everyone to participate.  You need more materials but it works so much better.  I have my students build and test.  They need to write down problems, improvements, and solutions as they are working.  I sometimes limit how many tests they are allowed.  They will help manage issues. I did give new paper if it got wet but did not replace anything else.

Each group used the following items:
1 piece of aluminum foil
1 piece of tape
1 straw
1 craft stick
1 piece of paper
Building and Sailing our boats using an under the bed storage container and fan.
Testing with marbles to see if the boats can hold weight.
I love how my students collaborate and persevere during the lessons.  It is the best way to get students to work as a team!