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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Going Bananas with Scientific Method

The first two weeks of school have been sooooo busy.  On top of the craziness at school, my oldest daughter just bought a place and we have spent the last few weekends getting it all painted,  moved out and set up.  I finally got to spend a Sunday creating some new lesson plan materials for next week.

I love my class!!! I was new to fifth grade and the middle school setting last year and it took longer to get going!! We are getting the schedule down and have established our daily routines.  For the past two weeks, I have had 100% of my math and science HW.  Go room 444!

We just finished up our "Banana Lab" this week.  We went through the steps of the scientific method and the children created their own experiment with variables and a constant.  
 Here are the kids collecting data and recording observations on their lab sheets.
The last day we finished our observations and wrote our conclusions.  I had each group create a mini poster that they will share on Monday.  We will talk about our results and conclusions.
 This lesson is part of a unit that I have on TPT, "Fifth Grade General Science Notebook"  for $6.00.  The lesson can be done in any grade and on your own lab sheets.  My resource has many printables, vocabulary cards, projects, etc.  


  1. Thanks for sharing! I teach 4th grade. I'm going to check out your science notebook!

    1. I taught fourth grade and it is appropriate for fourth too. This has the fifth grade NGSS standards in the front. I wanted to put together the fourth grade standards but ran out of time before school started.

  2. Experiments are always such a blast and the kids learn so much. I think we could even do this in grade one:)


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