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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daily Five Bookmarks

My class is loving Daily Five!  They are becoming voracious readers.  We started a book challenge in November and we read 167 books as a class.  Our goal is 700 by the end of the year.  They are recording their titles and genres on their sheets (see my Book Whisperer post).  I bought a giant thermometer at the Dollar Tree and plan to mark the amount of books that we read each month.  The children have a visual of how we are doing as a class.  I am also participating and have been making the time to read daily. (I usually save my novels for the beach)
I have been conferring with each child once a week.  I downloaded an app called "Confer" and love it.  The free version allows you to keep data for 10 children so I bought the full app.  It is much better than using sticky notes or carrying around my fat binder.  The children get excited when I sit down with my Ipad and confer with them about their reading.  The app allows you to group students in many ways including levels, teaching points and strengths. 

The children started writing letters to me each week about the books they are reading.  I was apprehensive about having to write 22 letters each week but I now look forward to reading their reflections about the books they are reading. I have learned so much about my students' reading and writing through this process.  I have several children share their letters during the week to model for the others.   I did a lesson last week on "I wonder" questions and had my students collect their questions on a bookmark and use them in their letters. 

Click  to download bookmarks.  I got these from the web.
One of my students inspired me to design another bookmark to collect vocabulary while reading.  She had made her own.  I typed and printed some up for the students who are "expanding vocabulary" on my CAFE. Emily's creation is on the bottom.

I was very set in my ways and jumped into Daily Five at the beginning of the year.   If you are sitting on the fence...take a chance!  I have no regrets and I have never seen such enthusiasm about reading.  I want my children to become life-long readers and I know that I am making a difference!

Here are my thick questions:  What if I didn't try Daily Five?  What books do my students want to read next?  What might happen if I give them more time to read?  Who needs to be the role model for voracious reading?  What if I let them read in a spot that is comfortable?     How do I assess their comprehension if they are not doing fat packets of guided reading questions?  What might happen if children talk to each other about the books they are reading?  What caused the excitement of reading in my classroom?  I wonder how my students will do on their MCAS?  What are your thick questions about reading?

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  1. While you're doing Daily 5 - are you working with small reading groups? I'm wanting to try and implement this routine in our class, but have never done "reading groups." :( Uh Oh! I want to make sure I implement it correctly. Please help!

  2. Please read all my Daily 5 and CAFE posts. Once the children learn the Daily 5 routines then you can start conferencing with children and working with flexible reading groups. I was nervous last year starting, but once t gets going it is very easy!!!! If you have any more questions I would love to help!

    There is no right or wrong need to do what works for you, your students and curriculum.

  3. I can't seem to download your bookmarks. Could you please re-post them. Thanks!!

    1. Sorry….try these:


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