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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vivid Verbs

I have seen many posts on Pinterest using paint chips.  My husband was heading to Home Depot and I asked him to grab 22 paint chips.  He got all nervous and thought that someone might speak to him...I told him to say that his wife can't make up her mind about paint colors!!!  I had the stack sitting on my desk for a few weeks and I finally decided to do a mini-lesson on "Vivid Verbs"  and use them.

I had the children brainstorm verbs for "said" and "walk" on note cards. They came up with great lists.  I had them put the boring verb on the dullest color on the paint chip and write 3 vivid verbs on the others colors.  They wrote sentences using the vivid verbs and decorated their papers.  I hung them out in the hall with some plastic crayons from the Dollar Tree.



  1. Great idea, and I love your display in the cute!

  2. That is SO creative. I'm sure you could score a ton of paint chips when the home improvement store changes a color and just pitches a whole batch. Guess I have a reason to hit up Lowes today. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback! I am bew to blogging and love the support!


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