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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fourth Grade Common Core Resources

This year has been very overwhelming with our new Common Core Curriculum.  We no longer use programs in my system and it has been challenging finding great materials to support the fourth grade standards that I need to teach.  I just found a great resource for ELA and Math!  They have a resource book for grades K-5.  I am very excited to try out this new resource!!!!  There is a sample download on their website.

Fourth Grade Common Core Resources Download

This "Fourth Grade Common Core Resources" is the largest collection of resources for teaching the Common Core State Standards. This workbook includes over 850 pages of Worksheets, Activity Centers, and Posters that teach all the Fourth Grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards and all the Fourth Grade Mathematics Common Core Standards! This Workbook will be emailed to you shortly after you place your order.

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  1. I teach 4th grade and we are going full Common Core next yer. I will definitely be checking this out. Thanks!


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