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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting to the Root!

One of the Fourth Grade Common Core standards that I need to teach is learning to use Greek and Latin roots to help understand and build new vocabulary.

Last week we created root flip books using a printable from Laura Candler.  Her website offers many great resources for teachers.  I had the children find five words using their "root" and add an illustration on the front.  They wrote out definitions on the inside, you could have them also include a sentence.  We used dictionaries and the interenet to find words:  

I purchased a set of word wall cards and printed them small.  I gave each student their own root to research.  We then added them to our Root Word Wall that has been up all year.  I was adding one card a week and then forgot for awhile (don't judge).  This activity got 21 Roots up quickly.  I made the wall using black felt and they stick on with velcro.  I forgot to take new pictures but have some from the beginning of the year,


  1. Just finished something similar but I love this flipbook idea better!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks!! I'm doing a lesson next week, so this will be perfect!!!


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