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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pencils Problems (free printables)

Why does every lesson begin with the following...
Mrs. Hall I need a pencil!!!
I need to sharpen my pencil!
Can I go to my locker to get a pencil???

Working at the Middle School and having my fifth graders switch classes for the first time can be quite challenging. Every time I start a lesson, it is interrupted several times.  Some days it can take 10 minutes to get started.  To help alleviate this problem this year I am trying two new strategies. 

#1 Pawsitive Points
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The purpose of this sheet is to keep all your paw points for the quarter.  I want my students prepared for class, that means they have all their personal materials for each class, including sharpened pencils. I will give them 25 paws and they can earn leveled rewards for their paws remaining.  Rewards could be homework coupons, extra quiz points, lunch with teacher, electronic time, etc.   I will work with my teaching partner to decide on the incentive for the first term.  Our school mascot is the panther and our colors are orange and black.  I am printing these on orange cardstock and they will be punched and put into their binders.
#2 Borrow a Pencil
I will keep several pencils on the board ready to borrow.  It will cost one "Pawsitive Point" to use one of mine.  The hope is that the children will be prepared and this will also allow a quicker start.  (I teach them to get things ready during homeroom for the day and sharpen when they enter the room. ) 
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  1. I LOVE all of your creative ideas. I intend to put them into practice soon. THANKS!
    Charlene Holmes


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