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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scientific Saturdays: It's All Greek(and Latin) To Me!

One of the standards I taught as an ELA fourth grade teacher was the roots of words.  Now that I am a fifth grade math and science teacher I use roots to introduce many vocabulary words.  Let's be honest...I still rely on roots to break apart academic words that I don't know or have to differentiate like geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere.
I purchased a unit several years ago on TPT and recently stumbled across it again on  Pinterest.  I was thrilled to find out that the product had been updated, and now includes more science and math roots. I love that you can download purchased products for free on TPT.  This was exactly what I needed for a new bulletin board in my room.  The best part was that I already owned it!!!  I linked the product below.
Link to TPT

Here are samples of math and science roots.
I just finished printing out a bunch of roots(three cards on a page) and made a title.  I plan to laminate them all next.

 I want to introduce one math and science root each week to get started.  ( I might do it by units once I get going)  I will also add a root page in my science and math notebooks for the kids to write down the words we learn.

I uploaded my bulletin board title.  You can download it for free with the link below.

Check out an old post Getting to the Root
for ideas that I have used in the past!

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