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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CAFE- Chapter 1 and 2

I implemented Daily 5 and CAFE in my fourth grade classroom last year.  I am so glad that I am rereading the books so that I can improve my practices this September.

Chapter 1: Introduction

**CAFE appeals to teachers because of its simplicity.**
  • How do we organize assessment data?
  • How do we track each child's strengths and goals?
  • What about flexible groups?
  • How do we present strategies so students can access them when needed and practice until proficient?
Core Elements:
  1. Teachers keep a notebook with a few record keeping forms.  (templates are in appendix of book)
  2. Children meet with teacher during literacy conferences.  Conferences are for children to be assessed, receive instructions, set goals and follow ups on progress.
  3. Teachers keep track of goals in notebook and children post goals on CAFE board.
  4. Teacher plans small group instruction.
  5. Whole group instruction is based on needs of many children using whole class read aloud of shared material.
Note- The CAFE is research-based and it is a work in progress.  It can be adapted and tweaked to meet your needs.

Chapter 2: Record Keeping

**Teachers need to set up a conferring notebooks, aka "The Pensieve"**

Section 1:
  • Teacher Notes
  • Calendar- to track appointments
  • Keeping Track Form- write dates of appt. next to child's name
  • Strategy Group Form- track and create mini lessons for flexible groups
(I started with a notebook and switched to an app called Confer...I need to work on both this year.  I also need to stay on top of my small group flexible grouping)  

Section 2:
  • Tab for each child with CAFE menu, reading and writing conference form
  • Form- track individual goals
Note- all forms are in the appendix.  They are very simple and easy to use.

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  1. I heard them speak at the International Reading Conference. They just have a great love for what they do!


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