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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daily 5- Chapter 6

Writing and Word Work

Writing:  Students work on writing of their choice- individually or with a partner.  (I allow children to get caught up on assigned writing pieces if they want)
The Daily Five Sisters
Examples of Writing:
  • persuasive writing
  • friendly letters
  • reports on a topic
  • poetry
  • plays
  • narratives
  • prompt ideas
  • to become better reader and writers
  • we care about our writing and audience
  • Choice
  • It is fun
  • work on fluency of writing
Day 1:
Model what to do when writing words you can't spell
Create I chart of student and teacher

Day 2:
Model where to sit in the room
Materials to use

Day 3: (see my posts on Daily Five and Journals)
What to write about (I give many topic lists)
Show forms and keep in a place available to kids
Create an resource book of forms

Continue to teach lessons based on your writing curriculum

Word Work: I did not do this last year with my fourth graders but will be adding it in the fall.  We are using Words Their Way for spelling and need to do sorts.

experimenting and practice patterns
memorize high frequency words
generalize word patterns
add to knowledge of words


  • It helps us become better readers, writers and spellers
  • We care about our writing
  • It is fun!
Examples of Word Work materials:

  • whiteboards
  • magnetic letters
  • wikki stix
  • clay
  • stamps
  • colored markers
Introduce a material or spelling activity
Brainstorm I Chart
Model how to clean-up

Day 2:
Continue modeling and introduce word work according to your curriculum

Ideas: (optional ideas)
word sorts; open, closed, etc.
adding words to class lists
add words to their rule of the week
practice misspelled words
word or vocabulary games

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