Monday, July 28, 2014

Place Value Power!!!

My first unit in math will be place value.  After teaching third and fourth grade, I believe that my new class should have a great understanding of it…. BUT we all know what happens every summer!

Here are some things that I have found that will be included in my lesson plans.
Visit Math Coach Corner for ideas and freebie
This is included in the set below.  I print these on oak tag.
Notebooking Pkg. TPT $
Place Value Games

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scientific Saturday- Getting Organized using Livebinders

This post is more related to technology but I am in the process of gathering materials for a new grade level and need help organizing resources on the Internet.  I like the idea of having my computer favorites at home and school.  I decided to give Livebinders a try.  It is a site to bookmark and organize all your links.  It has the option of keeping your binders private or sharing them.  You can put public binders(other owners) on your bookshelf to refer to for the future.  There are tutorials available but it is pretty easy to figure out.  There is a "Livebider It" tool for your tool bar so it makes it even easier to add sites to your binders.  This site is free. 


I am in the process of creating a binder for science.  
I am setting up a tab for:
general experiments
water cycle
earth, soil and erosion
rocks and minerals
plants and animal classification 
simple machines
solar system

I know what I am going to be doing this week-end!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday


I love how this paper is sectioned off.

Here is a healthy option for a sweet treat

 A random way to call on kids
Game for word parts
 Our harvest is in…another way to cook spaghetti squash

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Hopes and Dreams Time Capsule

Here is my blogging TBT.  It is a post from September 18, 2011.  I still do this activity with my students every year…they love opening the can the last week of school.
Second Grade Shenanigans

As part of my Responsive Classroom I always have my students write their Hopes and Dreams/Goals on clouds and hang them up on a wall in the classroom at the beginning of the year.  I wanted to change things up and loved this sheet from Dotsnspots.  Thanks for sharing!!!!

I reduced the size of the Hopes and Dreams sheet so it would fit into can when rolled up.  I had the children share them during morning meeting.  We rolled them up and tied them with a ribbon.  We then closed up the Hopes and Dreams Time Capsule and will share our sheets on the last day!

The paint can was from Home Depot.  I tied lots of ribbons on the handles.  Here is the cover sheet and top of the can.  Click on picture below to print out:

There is an end of the year reflection sheet that I  use before we open the can.  The kids like to compare their favorites and see what has changed and what has stayed the same.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mathematical Monday: New Multiplication Tags(Freebie) and Made It Monday

Even though I am teaching fifth grade, I am starting fact fluency the first week of school.  I am sure that many of my new kids will be rusty from the summer and I also have some inclusion students who can use more practice.  I believe that the children will be fresh and motivated to get started…or I hope!!!

I wrote a blog post a few years back and made VIP passes.  I wanted to create something new for this year.  Please check it out, the download is on the post.  

I will include fact practice and games during my guided math blocks and Moby Max on the computer.  (you need a subscription)The children can also do Moby Max at home.  We use timed tests in our district which I will administer 2x a week.  

This year I am going to use the tickets below in the same fashion, but I also added a division card…not sure if I'm going to use lanyards, I might just have them keep them in a library pocket in their math notebooks.  At the end of the year, we will have a VIP party.  

My made it Monday was on my computer.  I spent the day day labeling, sorting, copying all my files.  I spent most of the time organizing my clipart and papers.  Now I can find things so much easier.  I keep a file of things that need to get put on my zip drive before I file them.  I like the key chain USB and I always have my files with me at home and school.

Another project that was accomplished are banners for my Math and Science boards.  Check out the free pennant on TPT made by Amber Polk.  I love the bright colors in patterns.  Can't wait to hang them up!
Click for Free Link 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scientific Saturdays: Science Inventory (Freebie)

A great way to start the school year is to do inventories.  It will give you a sense of how the children feel about a specific subject and some knowledge about what science topics they had in previous years.  

I teach in Massachusetts and the science standards are grouped for grades 3-5.  Each city develops their own curriculum based off the standards.  A child could move three years in a row and have the same standards taught and not have others.  Hopefully, we will be implementing the Next Generation standards next year that assigns topics to each grade.

I will also be at the Middle School and students are coming from three different schools. Although we follow a curriculum, I am sure that children have had some different experiences in fourth grade.  Another reason to use an inventory.

I will have the children share data  and create a class graph on the projector.  They will glue these into their science notebooks along with a graph.
Click here for Freebie
I have used many inventories for Reading but never thought to use one for science.  I got the idea from Science Penguin, here is her inventory.  I wanted to create my own so that the topics matched the areas that my students need to cover prior to their MCAS state testing in the spring.  Please visit her blog for  her inspiring postings.  She covers all grade levels and has many great ideas for any science classroom.

Science Penguin Blog

Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday

Click for Doodle Bugs
Adorable wreath for front door or classroom
Duct tape a large straw on binding to hold pencils…genuis!!!
Great back team building activity for B2S
Love the creative use of plastic tablecloths

Love this idea!!!