Sunday, January 18, 2015

Animal Books for Upper Elementary

I am getting ready to start my Plant and Animal Adaptation Unit in Science.  I recently purchased some books by Bobbie Kalman that I would recommend for upper elementary classrooms.  Most of the books I find are geared for younger children.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mathematical Mondays: Diving into Long Division

Today, I will be starting my long division unit.  I have many struggling mathematicians and need to find ways to help them grasp this new concept.  I searched Pinterest and the web for ideas to assist my students and came up with a few new things to try.  Wish me luck!!!

I am going to use the Dad Mom Sister Brother Rover Acronym to teach the steps of long division.We have to teach our fifth graders multiple strategies.  Here is my anchor for this week.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Scientific Saturdays: Layers of Earth Projects and Earth Science Power Points

My two fifth grade classes spent the month of December studying Earth Science.  They completed an Earth Layer project at home and an Earth Science slide show on their Chrome books in class. We shared them Tuesday before vacation.  I was very pleased with their creative ideas!!! 

Here are two of the slide shows:

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wild About Weather: Scientific Saturdays

 We have been studying Weather for many, many weeks.  This is the first time I have taught this unit and had fun planning something different.  We just wrapped it up on Friday and I can't wait to move on.

The major areas that we covered:
  • water cycle
  • layers of the atmosphere
  • weather factors: precipitation, temperature, moisture, wind speed and direction
  • weather tools and predicting
  • clouds
  • winds
  • global patterns, winds, jet streams and currents
During the unit we used various resources, tradebooks, non-fiction articlesfor information.  My favorite text is Sciencesaurus!  I had the children watch Scholastic Study Jams and visitied

I purchased and got some free resources on TPT.   We created water cycle posters, a cloud observation poster and weather reports.  Here are a few of my favorites.
Link Free
Cloud Project was from  The site requires a subscription.  I purchased it this year and have used their science articles and sheets very useful.  The children had to photograph or draw clouds for four days.  They had to date and label the types of clouds in their observations.
Link to website $

Weather Resources that I used and would recommend:
Link to TPT $
Link to TPT $
This resource has the wild weather articles and fact sheets that my students used for the research weather reports.  
Link to TPT $
Template and publishing sheet for weather reports.
Link to TPT Free

Our school just received one-to-one chromebooks two weeks ago and the opportunities in the classroom have already been endless.  We downloaded screencastify and my students have been recording their weather reports and sharing them with me.  This is a great way to get the students to share reports with me and practice their reading fluency.  Some of students got very creative and worked on their recordings at home.

Here is a sample.  
The student did not want to be in it but was very creative with her own sound effects!