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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Don't Say...Using Synonyms

One of my Target Skills  this week was teaching synonyms.  I read one of my favorite books and had them listen for synoyms for the word "big".  The book "The Bunyans" by Audrey Wood is loaded with some great vocabulary.  The children wrote them down as I read the story.  We discussed how synonyms can be more specific.  At the end of the lesson, I had them put a checkmark next to a "boring" word and circle one that they would like to use in their writing.

Monday, September 2, 2013

And We're Off!!!

We finally started Back to School last week!  The teachers went back Monday and Tuesday and the students went Wednesday and Thursday, giving us a four day week-end!!!!

I did not take any classroom pictures because I didn't change a thing!!!  I loved my classroom set-up and boards.  (I also moved into a new home and my baby girl was getting ready for college)  The summer was crazy and I needed something in my life to be smooth and stress-free.  This year my school system is getting stricter about fire codes and I had to take down my pom pom flowers off the ceiling.  Nothing can be hanging.  I did staple them on my boards.

I am very happy with my new fourth graders.  We spent the first two days getting to know each other, organizing materials, establishing our rules and classroom expectations.  We will be jumping into the Common Core Curriculum with two feet on Tuesday!!!!

Click here to see post with printables
Brainstorming Rules
I made these using velcro...only need to switch dates and add new times next year or
fix if my specials change this year
Lady Bug's Teacher Files- Free Printable 
 I bought these mats last year and did not fit them in.  The kids took turns picking one question from the list.  The had to respond and record answers.  They created a three-way Venn Diagram.    I will use these again next year and just create my own mats.