Sunday, September 4, 2011

Room Makeover!

Opening day is quickly approaching.  I will be teaching fourth grade for the first time ever....19 years in third!  Our school system has redistricted and placed fourth graders in the primary buildings.   Luckily, I did not have to move buildings or my classroom and made the choice to move up.  I have six returning students and was ready for a room makeover.  I wanted to give my room a different feeling for my students and myself.  I choose to do a Rock and Roll theme this year.
 I have worked very hard the past few weeks and was inspired by many photos on several blogs and Pinterest.  Here are my results.
The children will autograph a star.
I added spotlights and gold cellophane for lights from the ceiling.
The sign in station for attendance, lunch and bathroom.

The cards are from
I attached the stars with Velcro so that they can be changed weekly.
My Bucket made from a Target pail.

The children will add bucket filler slips to the pockets.

I got this adorable birthday download on Teachers Pay Teachers from Hope King.
Their birthdays will be written on notes.

My favorite new tool kit.
The download is from

The writing center is actually my teacher desk covered with a tablecloth.
Many ideas are inspired from Pinterest.  Check out my link.

My social studies board is ready for a US Postcard Exchange.

I will add pictures of book covers as we share during the year. 
The download is from

My mini-listening center. 
The cubes are from Target and have storage.

My CAFE board is ready!  The download is from

The calendar and math took kits.  I have math vocabulary to add as we go.

My VIP Multiplication passes...stars will be added to each table passed.
I created a file folder to correlate with each reading story.  It includes, title, author, genre, skill and vocabulary. 
The skill sheet was downloaded from

My teacher corner is ready for students!  Yeah!!!

The book corner is organized by author and genres, there is a bookcase full of chapter books to the left.

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