Friday, January 13, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom

My room is very organized and neat for the most part.  I switched grade levels for the first time in 19 years and I spent a lot of time last summer weeding out materials.  If I can't put my finger on something, it is due to the fact that I have "CHANGED" things around...or passed it along to a third grade teacher.

I was searching this week for something that I could organize so I could join in the fun at Clutter-Free Classroom:

#1.  My wardrobe closet...Nahhh....It needs a little straightening up but I can see everything and I even have some empty shelving.

#2.  My desk...Nah....this is from my assistant...she makes a mess when correcting papers but always cleans up...I love you Marilyn even when you mess up my desk!!!

#3.  My closet...YES!!!!  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?????  I finally found my project.

I don't really use my file cabinet for files, so I had stuck it in the closet to save some space.  I saw a picture of a cute file cabinet on Pinterest that was labeled, so I wanted to do the same thing.  I took out the file cabinet and organized the things that needed to be put back into the closet.  I did this while the kids were at is amazing how well we work under pressure!

I have always kept my copies of teacher materials in binders(about 6 different ones) and I never take the time to put sheets back in the correct binder.  I end up with a giant pile of files, waiting to be filed.  I want to try using a file cabinet and I got it all set up with labels...It is now Day 3 and I love it!!!! 

                                  Before                                        After

     Pinterest File Cabinet                             My New Labeled File Cabinets

                                                                          My Files

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