Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Five Fabulous Finds (on Pinterest)

Cute Mother's Day Freebie...also one for Grandmothers and Aunties

A project for the many possibilities!
I taught this method this week...the kids loved it!!!
Great poetry lesson...make connections to cultural backgrounds.


Just finished reading "Strategies That Work" and want to start having my children code the text.  Love this chart!


  1. Those map cubes are too cool!! Happy weekend :)

  2. OK- That butterfly method rocks! Just pinned it for next year!


    Fun in Room 4B

  3. I was enjoying your website...and passing it on to a friend...when I scrolled down and saw my poster!

    I feel so honored to see it on your site!

    The idea came from the chartchums website and I changed "post-its" to "thinkmarks" (Aimee Buckner). We use our thinkmarks during read-to-self and more. Then we choose thinkmarks and write more about our "thinking" in our reader's response notebooks.

    Thank you for the excellent website!

  4. Other photos from my classroom...

  5. Thanks for your comments Loralee...I love your pictures of your classroom! I love when you find your pictures on other people's feel so important. Do you blog? I would love to follow you!