Sunday, December 9, 2012

Writing Lessons- Razzle Dazzle Writing

I just sat down and finally looked at this book I purchased at the beginning of school, Razzle Dazzle Writing.  I had seen it on a few blogs and all over Pinterest.  

I will be using many of the mini-lessons during my writing block.  The pages are teacher and kid friendly.  Next week I am planning "Word Picture Poems " and "Show Don't Tell."  Writing has been difficult to fit in my schedule and this book will help. I do Daily 5 and the children write daily.  I am using my whole literacy block on Fridays for writing  essays.   I will post more next week.  The book is worth every penny!


  1. I love this book, too! It has been my go-to book for years when teaching writing. It is fun for the kids, too!


  2. Hi Kelly,
    I found your cute Snow Globe craft from last winter on Pinterest and I just did it with my class. They loved it! I linked up with you on my blog post sharing them. Check it out:

    Thanks for the inspiration and amazing directions!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  3. @Jennifer...Just became your newest follower!

    @Layla...Thanks! I need to do those again.