Saturday, May 11, 2013

Diving into Decimals

After our unit on Fractions,   Decimals is going smoothly.  We are working on writing, comparing, ordering, adding/subtracting and converting decimals.  I need to create a few new center activities(maybe next year) .  We are getting ready for our state MCAS test next week.  

We use Everyday Math as a resource to the Common Core.  
A student woking independently

We use "Guided Math" two times a week.  The children work with a teacher, work independently and then do games/fact practice.

Games during "Guided Math", playing Decimal War

Using slates to practice decimal skills.

This summer I plan on organzing my math materials, resources and games to align with the Common Core Domains and Standards.  I plan on organizing with binders or files.  I have purchased many great TPT items but need to have them more accessible.  (I will be stocking up on cardstock and ink!!!)

How do keep your math materials and resources organized?


  1. Hi, i m a fourth grade school teacher in belgium, flanders
    In belgium we also do decimals in fourth grade !

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how to organize all my task cards and other copied stuff from TPT too. Right now I have them in file folders in my filing cabinets but it isn't really the best system. I think I may purchase small plastic boxes with a cover to keep them in. I have room in my closet to label them unit...still thinking it through.

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  3. I use file folders in a plastic tub so that they're accessible to students (and subs!) for math. I like this best because I can keep task cards and file folder games together in one tub.

  4. I teach fourth grade math in Texas. We don't use the Common Core yet, but I organize all my activities by standard in drawers. I have two rolling carts that each have 6 drawers. I will be purchasing a few more of these so I have at least one drawer for every standard.