Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scientific Saturdays: States of Matter (Freebie)

I am currently teaching the scientific method.  We are observing and collecting data on our "Going Bananas" experiment.  Hopefully my room doesn't smell too ripe tomorrow!!!  We will be creating data charts and writing up our conclusions during the week.

We are going to start "States of Matter" tomorrow.  We read a non-fiction article last week that came from Superteacher for homework.  They will use the article to create a brochure for homework this week.  The photo is a quick example that I made today.  The kids need to have at least five pictures that demonstrate solids, liquids and gases with facts describing each state.  I will post the students' work next week.

I will use this book as a read aloud during the week.  Great level for third grade and up.  Many books on this topic are too basic for my fifth graders.

Here is a page that my kids will put in their science notebooks.  I will have them use notebook reinforcer stickers to represent molecules.  I just drew dots on my example that I made.  I bought stickers and they are at school.  The page would be great on a bulletin board. 

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