Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Regulars are Coming!

We still are in school and  I am jealous of all the bloggers and teachers who are already enjoying their summer vacation.  Our last day is June 23.  

We went on our first fifth grade field trip last week.  We visited many sites on the famous Freedom Trail. Going on trips like this makes me appreciate living in this historic state.  

We learned many new things from our tour guide.  The number one lesson that I learned from this trip is that I need to teach my students how to walk on city sidewalks and cross the streets.  We live in the suburbs and this was a first city trip for many.

I had to get a Selfie!!!


  1. I love the Freedom Trail! I was able to walk through it on a trip to Boston six years ago. What a great opportunity for your students!
    ***Summer is almost here:)

    Fit to be Fourth


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