Friday, November 20, 2015

Decimal Place Value

We started decimals this week.  My first lesson was on 10x and 1/10 of numbers.  I pulled out my "Human Place Value for Big Kids" that is available on TPT.  The children have to move (10x , 100x, 1000x and 1/10 of, 1/100 of, 1/1000 of) and can see that multiplication is moving to the right of the digit and dividing is moving to the left of the digit.  This can be a tricky thing to explain.
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Last year I made a slider tool for the children to practice with.  Please read my post from last year on how to make and use.
Link to post
Today we ordered decimals and put them on a ribbon, I tried paperclips which were too big so I ended up stapling.  Each child had a decimal card with tenths.  They had to get into order without talking.  I did the same thing with my next class but with new digits.   They had to get in order and then find their spots on the number line with the first class' decimals.  We will add decimals with hundredths and thousandths on the number line tomorrow.  (The cards are from

We are also working on comparing and ordering decimals and ways to write them.  I have some notebook pages available in my math notebooks.  
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