Monday, February 8, 2016

Food Chain CHAINS

As part of my Food Chain and Web unit I had my kids complete a "Food Chain CHAIN."  They choose a biome and created a project describing the transfer of energy from the producer, to consumers and decomposers.  Some went above and beyond and created many food chains and webs.  Every project gets better and better this year!
Here is another project that my students will be making this week, "Stacking Food Chain Tubes." They will create a food chain of their choice.  
You can create your own projects or purchase them.  Both of these projects are available in my new science unit "Pass the Energy" available on TPT for $7.00.
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Here are some new resources that I used this year.
Great picture book to explain the transfer of energy
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Large charts that show food chains and webs of biomes.  
Love how they stand up on table.
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Follow that Food Chain is like the Choose Your Adventure series.  Students pick their own chain and read about the organisms.  Great resource for projects in my unit.
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We dissected owl pellets to explore food chains and webs.
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