Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blubber and Beaks

My fifth graders had a great week with two animal adaptation labs.  The first one we did was "Blubber Gloves."  I thought this was a lesson that they did in younger grades but I was wrong.  We timed our hands in ice water and then using the blubber glove. We studied physical and behavioral adaptations. 
The other lab that we completed was "Bird Beaks."  The students had to find the best habitat for their beak/tool.  This lab took two days to complete.  We used six habitats.
 We had six birds with different beaks.  Each group was assigned one tool that represented the beak.  Every student in the group had 30 seconds to gather food.  The group had to find the average and record the data.
We reported and recorded group results.  My students also had a beak sketch page.
 Here is the class results.  We used the data to determine the best habitat for the bird.
Both of these labs are part of my Animal Adaptations Unit that is available on TPT.It has vocabulary cards, posters, notebook pages, projects, labs and much more!

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