Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

I am on spring break this week and loving that our New England weather is finally starting to feel like spring!  I have been busy organizing the house and getting some things done on the computer.

This is the first time I am linking up with Forever in Fifth Grade's linky party called "Show and Tell Tuesday."  Here are four things that I would love to show and tell about it.
This year I became one of the dance coaches for our Middle School Dance Club, for grades 5-8.  We had our show last Wednesday.  The girls danced to songs that related to colors.  The masks were for Michael Jackson's "Black and White."  I was so proud of the girls!
My husband made me a Giant Jenga game last week for my classroom.  I need to paint the ends of the blocks so I can create groups of questions for math practice.  The teacher under my classroom is not going to be happy...LOL!
 Last Thursday was my 26th wedding anniversary.  I had been waking up way before the alarm and found this waiting for me at 4:30am.  I felt bad because I was not ready and was planning to get a card on the way home from school.  I wrote a love note on a sticky!  Oh well.
I dressed up as a pirate to introduce my new math unit.  I taught coordinate graphing lesson with a giant graph that I made from a tarp.  I am working on a TPT to go with the lesson but it is still in the works.  My kids loved collecting their bags of treasure and counting their loot.  Arghhhh!!!
Those are my picks for show and tell.  
Leave a comment below and hop on over to Forever in Fifth Grade to join in the fun. 


  1. I have Jenga envy! I also love the coordinate graphing using a tarp. Enjoy your spring break!

  2. Your kids must have absolutely loved it when you dressed up as a pirate! And I'm sure they will love the giant Jenga game too! I'm curious how you will use the math problems with it. Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. Dressing up is always so much fun! That giant JENGA looks great but kind of dangerous! I want to see your pirate costume pics! Enjoy your spring break!

    1. I am nervous about playing indoors!!! We may have to bring it outside...I will let you all know.

      I have to blog about my pirate lesson soon! More pictures to come.

  4. Happy Anniversary :) Sounds like creativity runs in the family :) Happy Spring Break!

  5. When I taught second, I would dress up as a pirate for a treasure hunt at the end of our mapping unit. Happy Spring Break!!!