Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sir Cumference and AngLegs: Geometry

I pulled out one of my favorite math books to review some geometry terms this week.  I read "Sir Cumference and the First Round Table."  I read the book and had my students use AngLegs to create the polygons in the story.  We reviewed vocabulary including sides, vertices, angles, parallel, perpendicular, right, acute and obtuse.  

As I was reading, I remembered the tree slab my husband had cut for my science display.  I ran and grabbed it and used it as a prop for the ending with Lady Di Ameter, Radius and Sir Cumference.  My impromptu lesson was a hit!!!
I love the AngLegs to teach my fifth graders about the types of triangles and quadrilaterals.  They click together and have protractors that also click on to measure angles.  I have six bags and found that there was plenty for all of my students.  (thank you Donor's Choose)

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