Sunday, September 11, 2016

Picture the Scientist

Last week I had my students create a portrait of a scientists at home.  I had them display them on their desks and we walked about in my "Art Gallery."  No talking, just observing, looking at each piece of art.  When they saw each portrait they had to write something that was the same in most and something was different.
Some Similarities we had:

  • scientist in lab coat "normal scientist"
  • at a table
  • using chemicals and tools

Some Differences we had:
  • one was in the water
  • some male and female
  • some adults and kids
  • some in a lab and in classroom

We discussed the "stereotypical" scientist.  I had them sit and stand for several questions that I made up based on our ideas.  I was very happy to see many females this year, but many girls did draw males.

  • Is your scientist a male?
  • Is your scientist a female?
  • Is your scientist working in a lab?
  • Where is your scientist working if it is not a lab?
  • Is your scientist using chemicals?
  • If not, what is your scientist doing?

Link for free printable

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