Thursday, August 31, 2017

#Maker Space Goals

I am so excited to start the new year.  I am staying in fifth grade but will be taking on a new role as the fifth grade engineering and technology teacher.  I will service about 375 students during the year. Engineering is a special and I will have them for a trimester.
I bought the letters and wood at Michaels.

Goal #1  Setting up the physical layout of the room

My room was a computer lab and I wanted it to have a center/flexible seating feel.  I had the long computer tables and remaining desktop computers removed.  I had to scrounge up furniture that was already in the building and was given some round and rectangular tables and I also managed to get some high tables that were used for drafting.

I set up a recycle/craft area.  The desk was big and old and ugly.  I was going to have it removed but covered it with poster board and paper plates.  I have so much piled up on the floor and it is hidden.
I put the word out on Facebook that I needed a storage bin and a family donated one and it is filled with building materials.  Many of them also donated.  I have Kinex, Legos and Marble Works.

My cubbies are stocked with materials for a Chain Reaction Station.  I put peg board on the back of tables that they can build off of, I will share pictures when we do this project.
I have my bulletin board split in half, one side is the Design Process and the other is "An Engineer is...".  I hope to add pictures of different engineers.

 Stay tuned...more photos and posts to come!


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