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Back to School
Rules in the Classroom
Back to School Questions for Charts
Hopes and Dreams Can
To Do List for Sticky Notes

Biography Scrapbook Directions
Carried Away with Idioms
Color Poetry
Dr. Seuss Writing Paper
Best Season Paper
Extended Endings
Great Leads
I Am Poetry p.1
I Am Poetry p. 2
I Am Poetry p. 3
Jungle Book
Luck Cards
Making Inferences with Photos
Making Inferences with Photos Vertical
Making Connections
Many Luscious Lollipops
Multiple Meanings M&M
My Lucky Day Poster
Mystery Parts of Speech Sort
Summarize Owl Bookmarks
Things That are Most in the World


  1. Hi,
    I saw the pinned solar system project and I would like to ask if I could possibly get the directions? Thank you.

    1. The post was link on Pinterest. I would share it if it was mine. Sorry.


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