Saturday, October 8, 2011

A New Twist to My Author Studies

I used to always put up an author study each month on a large bulletin board.  I somehow got away from that and try to keep bulletin boards up during the year that are more interactive and that I don't have to change(my favorite kind) the calendar, US map, daily five, etc.

I bought a great frame at Target that was designed for album covers.  It has hinges and the glass is really plastic.  I get nervous with kids.  Here are the two that I have designed so far.  The pages are very easy to make and take up no space!

 I am incorporating the authors with my listening center.  I got two of Shel's books on Itunes and set the books out with the CD's that I made.  It is great for fluency and The Daily Five.

You can see the frame at the listening center

My second author is Andrew Clements and I just got "No Talking: on CD. 


  1. Great idea, your frames look great. How do you have the kids keep track of where they are on the cd so they can find their spot the next time?

  2. I have them write down the time on a sticky note. They arecresponsible for keeping track.

  3. Would you mind sending me a link to frame on Target's website? Thanks!

    1. This post was from 2011. Google 12 x 12 front loading frame and you will find many listings. Joanne Fabrics has one. Good luck!