Sunday, October 30, 2011


The week started out with making an anchor chart about visualizing and why good readers use this strategy.

I then read the classic poem "The Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee" in my best pirate swagger voice.  The children were told to visualize the poem and create a movie in their minds.  I gave them each a piece of drawing paper and told them to create a picture of the poem.  I ended up reading the poem a second time, I have a few ELL students and one late comer.

The next day I had them write vivid words on sticky notes and we shared them.  We talked about how specific words and phrases create a better picture in the reader's mind.  ex.  a zigzaggy scar, floppety plume, and slickery slosh.
We then choral read the poem and talked about expressive voices and fluency.  I love when one lesson hits many standards!

I ransacked a bag of leftover party goods up in my attic to add to the pirate decor.  The children picked eye patches, compasses and gold coins.  I enlarged the poem, changed the font and printed it out on card stock.  I tore the edges and inked them with brown ink using an old sponge.  Here is the display we created:

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