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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Book Whisperer

Pumpkins on 10/22
Pumpkins on 10/31

 We got hit with a very early north-eastern snowstorm on Saturday night.  It left us with a foot of snow, lots of trees down,  no power and two days off of school!  We were fortunate not to have any major damage. 

I took advantage of no electricity and finally got to read my copy of "The Book Whisperer."  I could not put it down.  As I read, it made me really think about better ways that I can motivate my children to become independent readers.  Things are going to change in Room 210...I want to be a BOOK WHISPERER!

Things that I am going to change ASAP!!!!

1.  Set a Book Challenge- I loved Donalyn Miller's idea of challenging the children to read a set number of books with genre guidelines.  I had to modify her goals to meet the needs of my class and we are starting in November.  I typed up a sheet where they can keep track of this.

2.  No more whole group reading of a story- I will have my grade level and above students read the weekly story independently or with a partner.  I will sit with my at-risk readers and work with them in a small group, and guide them with the story.  This will give more time to my Daily Five routine.

3.  Start a weekly Reading Notebook- Students will write letters to me once a week in a journal to reflect on their independent reading. I like the fact that it creates accountability for the kids.   I will respond back weekly...I hope!

4.  I will  read all books that I put out on my shelves so that I can recommend them to children.  I want to match books with readers.  I am new to fourth grade and need to become aware of current authors, series and texts.

5.  I will become a better role model and make more time for reading!


  1. I've been so anxious to read this book, and I finally got my copy. All of your ideas sound wonderful, and I'm sure you're students are loving the approach!
    Ashleigh's Education Journey

  2. I just finished this book and I had the same idea. We aren't required in our district to use the basal, but we are "encouraged" to use it. So, I decided I am going to pick and choose the stories out of there and have that a required reading for the weekly "read to someone" during our Daily Five. Then I can work with all groups during that time. I'm glad someone else had that idea because I was wondering if it would work. :)


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