Friday, November 11, 2011


I had a post all planned out to work on this weekend and I forgot my camera at school! Too many things to bring home over the long week-end! I am going with Plan B...which I really didn't have until I was going through pictures on my computer and thought of...PINTEREST!    

I became a blogger in September after discovering Pinterest this past summer.  Many of the posts on Pinterest come from great teaching blogs.  I have become inspired daily to try new ideas, lessons, books, management techniques and so much more. 

Here are a few of my copy cat projects.




  1. Where did you find the idea for planet Earth? I can't find the original on Pinterest. I want to be able to print them out do you have your copy?

  2. Do you mind sending me your pie thing also. The one with all the pictures?

  3. Sent you an email with a link.