Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Boggle Board!

I have seen so many versions of the Boggle Board and I finally made mine.  Here it is!!!!  My plan was to use it during Daily 5 for Word Work, but I am going to use it once a week as an activity during Morning Meeting.  That way everyone will get to it.

The board that I fell in love with was on a bulletin board and my dilemma all year was where to put it.  Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics posted her version and I had to be a big copy cat...Thanks Tara!!!! Visit her site for the cute letters.
The metal board is an "oil drip pan" that is sold at auto parts stores. It is quite large(25" x 36") but is movable and very sturdy.   I bought mine at Auto Zone for $9.99.  The metal is magnetic.  After I started assembling the game I decided that I did not want to put 52 letters on magnets so I used paper clips on the blue oak tag and ran clear packing tape in between the rows.  This could be made on large foam board.  I did find a magnetic note pad holder that is perfect for the storage of letters.  The black is duct tape that I used to make a border.  I found the Boggle image on Google and used a Manila folder as a pocket.  There is an imprinted logo on the metal that I wanted to hide.

This is the original game.  Visit her site for the printables below:


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  1. Love this idea! Where did you get the boggle sign and what do the cards say?


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