Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smarty Pants

I saw the cutest classroom display entitled "Smarty Pants" using a little pair of jeans from   The teacher stitched the bottoms of the jeans and filled them with Smarties to give to her students as a reward.  Unfortunately, I am not allowed to use any candy or food in the classroom. (sad face)  I was determined to come up with something creative.....A Writing Prompt! 

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I printed out the sign and got some hand-me down little jeans and came up with a writing idea for my fourth graders... "A Time That I Felt Smart."   I had them brainstorm a list, in their journals, of times that they have learned or accomplished something that made them feel really smart.  The kids then choose their favorite topic.  Their next step was to organize ideas with a four square and write a five paragraph essay.

Some of the topics chosen:
  • passing my multiplication facts
  • doing well on MCAS
  • helping dad with a recipe
  • learning how to do long division
  • graduating from OT
  • learning how to write my name in cursive
Here is my pattern that I used for the jeans and pockets.  I copied the jeans on blue card stock.  I printed out the pockets on my computer.  I used eyelets on the pockets.  They came out adorable!
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