Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shower of Strategies

It seems everyone is testing this week!!!! 
 I can't wait for it to be more round of testing in May!
 (Math isn't as stressful)

I read"The Biggest Test in the Universe". 
It is a humorous look at taking a test. 

We brainstormed a list of testing strategies and I had the children pick what they needed to focus on, during the test.  They wrote and illustrated a raindrop.

Here is the sign I put on the umbrella handle.  I printed out two and stapled them together.

Click image below to print:

Here are some colorful raindrops:

Click the picture below to go to Dots-n-Spots water bottle labels.  She has some great ideas for test week.  My class decorated her water bottle labels. Go to her blog for more ideas:


  1. OMG have out done yourself! I hope you don't mind me using some of these ideas....they rock! So creative!

    Andrea :)

  2. Please do Andrea!!! I used one of your ideas this week...your paragraph organizers.

  3. I'm so happy you were able to use the bottle labels! They look great! -Becky :)