Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Collecting Papers

One of the toughest parts of our jobs is collecting and managing the kids' papers. I have developed a management system that helps you keep track of students' work and puts the responsibility on the kids.  I teach fourth grade but I am sure younger students could handle this!

I typed up a sheet with many text boxes with the number of students in my class.  I make many copies and cut them apart and keep a basket full on my desk.  I assign the children a number on the first day of school.  I have 21 this year so I just cross off the extra.

The first student finished their work gets an empty folder and an assignment sheet.  They write the name of the assignment and attach it to the folder.  I like the slash clear folders so the kids can see the papers inside.  As they pass in their work, they cross off numbers...easy! I can quickly put their papers in numeric order and make sure that I have every one's papers.  I will sometimes make a list of missing assignments on the board with just the numbers.

 I used to line them across my desk but found an expandable file holders that I keep on the side of my desk or counter.  Look how neat my desk is now!!!!
                     BEFORE                                      AFTER


  1. Megan Henry YoungbloodJune 19, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    I love this! I was pretty much doing this sort of thing, but I was using tons of sticky notes! Love your blog!

  2. Great way of organizing papers!

  3. Love it!! Where did you find the file holder?

  4. Dawn, One of my co-workers was throwing it out and I grabbed it last year. It expands. You can use any file organizer.

  5. I have done something similar, but I didn't do the folder thing, that would be a huge help!!! Love your blog :)