Saturday, June 2, 2012

Folder Holders

I use a "Folder Holder" in my classroom for the kids to store any folders, journals, unfinished work, pencil boxes and independent reading books.  Many of the teachers at my school call them "Browsing Boxes."

I have tried many brands and types over the years.  The cardboard boxes don't hold up and the magazine styles fall over. I bought these in September and they work great!  They are from Really Good Stuff and were worth the money.  You can order 12 packs in one color...for those who are OCD like me!

I taped their name tags on the front with clear packing tape and they are still on after 164 days!  The name tags aren't in the way and don't get lost!

The folder holders also work as dividers when giving tests, working independently, etc. They can be moved on the floor quickly too and don't make a super loud noise when knocked over


  1. Where do the kids keep them when working on other things? On top of desk? Shelf? Etc?

  2. They keep them on their desks, either to the side or top, about 95% of the time. They move them on the floor if we need more space, like science experiments.

  3. I hadn't thought to use those boxes that way. Interesting!

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  4. I will have to look for these. I'm glad to hear they last awhile.
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