Thursday, February 20, 2014

Raining Cats & Dogs Writing

My fourth graders have been studying all types of figurative language this year. My students just love idioms!  During the year we completed many activities using idioms and I decided to take it to the next step and incorporate one in their writing.  My students had to use suspense and the idiom "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" in a narrative piece.  I gathered stuffed cats and dogs and pinned on an umbrella.  I took photos to add to their final writing piece.

A few of the books that we read:

My favorite photo!!! 

Here are a few completed pieces:

The student teacher across the hall was hanging up this bright and cheery adverb board and I had to take a picture to share…Sunny Skies and Rainbows are coming soon!!!  Great Job Meghan Foden!!!


  1. Super cute idea with the pictures:) I'll be doing that with my kiddos sometime. We are getting ready for the state test next week....sadly we have been "cramming" so much for writing that I am kinda over it.....state testing takes the fun out of everything:/ Boo! Good for you to have something fun:) Thanks for sharing:)
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    1. Tara, I can relate to the pressure of state testing. It has taken the enjoyment out of the profession. The common core has not helped and I feel that the expectations have increased. We have adopted a true workshop model at my school this year and will not see the benefits for a few years.

  2. Those are fabulous, Kelly! I just LOVE the pics of your kids.
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  3. Absolutely adorable! I have been working on figurative language with my kiddos too. I will definitely be incorporating some of your great ideas.

  4. Idioms have always my favourite part of learning English. They open a new world of understanding the culture and the language. It is true that if you know and know when to use the idioms, you can be called a wise and experienced man. The idea of making photos of kids using the idioms just great, they will definitely remember the idioms that have been literally pouring down on them. Maybe next the students could master writing the essays online by using numerous available websites that offer help to all who look for it.