Sunday, February 15, 2015

Animal Adaptations & Moby Max Give Away

Thank you Mr. Keating!!!!

Our fifth grade classes got to spend some time this week with our seventh grade life science teacher, Mr. Keating. The students loved visiting his lab and learning about adaptations of birds and other animals.  He shared his life experiences and expertise in his field.  The "hands-on" workshop allowed my students to see how beaks and other bird parts allow for survival.   He also shared other adaptations.  The children enjoyed his collection of live animals.  

I want to be a seventh grader and learn from this motivating teacher!  Thanks to Mrs. Lewis(teacher) and our school administration for allowing the fifth graders to tap into our school resources.

Here is a freebie that I created for my students to use in class.  I have photo cards from Creative Teaching Press(I found a link online of the cards) that I purchased. This sheet could be used with any photo/resource.  I found photo cards of beaks that would be another option.  I used Animal Planets Top 10 Adaptations to make my sample.
Link to Free Cards 
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Moby Max is a complete curriculum for grades K-8.  Please visit the website to see all that it has to offer you and your students.  Read about my Review.

Moby Max has offered to donate a one year professional license for one lucky teacher and classroom.  You can enter below: 

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  1. Woohoo! I'm so excited I won! I can't wait to get started! Mmonk at hotmail dot com

  2. Teachers like Mr. Keating will be remembered forever:) My forever teacher is Mr. Bill Bell. He taught Grade 11/12 Math and Physics and just made it all so fun!