Saturday, November 25, 2017

Lego Love: Storage Tips

My OCD kicked in and I decided to get my Lego tubs organized!!!! 

Last summer, I asked my Facebook friends for any Lego donations and had great success.  I ended up with a couple of large bins.  My intention was to get organized before the school year and then the year began.  We are now in November and I finally can breathe and want to get my room running more efficiently.  
I purchased this sturdy cart from Amazon.  The drawers can be pulled out and carried to work spaces. The cart is also portable and can be moved wherever the kids are working.   I am making labels for the drawers.  The drawers come in clear, black or multi-color.  I bought the clear.  I really wanted to see inside the drawers and it would also bug me if the color drawer did not match the Legos inside.
My students started sorting for me and I brought home the rest to finish.   A little Netflix, the couch and some tea made it go by quickly!  I can't wait to dump these large bags of sorted legos into my drawers on Monday.

I sorted the legos mostly by color:
  • red, pink and purple
  • orange and yellow
  • blues
  • green
  • white and clear
  • browns and tans
  • gray and black
  • people and accessories
  • wheels and axles
  • doors, windows and fences
  • extras 
Link for Printable
I made the Lego head container out of a giant cheese ball container.  I used spray paint and sticky black vinyl.  I use it for decoration but I also store extra bricks inside.

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