Saturday, December 2, 2017

Building Circuits is a Snap!

My fifth graders take the MCAS state science assessment in the spring.  We incorporate third and fourth grade standards into our curriculum.  Engineering is the perfect place to do circuits!!!!
I had my classes make simple, parallel and series circuits with basic materials; batteries, wires, light bulb, and holder.  
After reviewing the basics we added a challenge.  They had to build a fan using a small motor.  Groups experimented with ways to make the blades and bases.  They got creative turning the fans into spin art.

As part of my module, I introduced them to the snap circuits kits.  We read about setting up circuits using the  Science A-Z book, Setting Up Circuits.  The kit projects are endless.  They made buzzers, voice recorders, sirens, My kids demonstrated the transfer of energy with sound, light, motion using batteries.  I just bought the solar panel kit.
Link to Amazon

If you use snap circuits in your classes, there are some delicate pieces.  Please discuss with your students.  I learned the hard way.  We ended up with a few broken pieces but found a replacement store online.

Snap circuits is also a popular choice with my Maker Space Club.

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