Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: December

Sorry I am a day late to the party...better late than never.

I am linking up with Forever in 5th Grades Monthly Linky Party called Show and Tell Tuesday.  
Here are a few things that I'd like Show and Tell!
My engineering classes have been building structures.  My kids love my new Kinex set from Donor's Choose.  I highly recommend this building set.

 My students are creating bridges using popsicle sticks that can allow a car to pass and hold weight.  This group had one of the best designs.

My family getting ready for our 27th annual tree tour progressive dinner.  My favorite tradition.  We even added shirts this year!!!

I got a new iphone 8 from xmas and I am obsessed with the camera.  I took this quickly today and I love the lighting.

I am teaching until Friday...and yes, I will be teaching!!!! We don't do holidays or celebrations in my district.  My students will be testing their bridges.

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  1. I love that photo you took with your new phone! I may just have to have one myself! :) Merry Christmas!