Saturday, December 9, 2017

Shapes and Structures (Freebie)

We are getting ready to start our unit on bridges.  I wanted to review 3D shapes and parts.

I started with a lesson on the strongest shape, a square or a triangle.  I used the AngLegs and gave each group a triangle and a square made with them.  We held them and pushed down on the top of the shape.  The square collapsed.  The kids quickly saw that the triangle was stronger.  I gave them one more angle piece and I asked them if they could make the square stronger.  Students added the piece diagonally and identified that the square was made of two triangles.

We discussed new vocabulary and what happened to our square.

We watched the Design Squad video showing a few demonstrations of strong triangles.

I then challenged groups to build with straws and connectors.  Each group had to make different 3D shapes and test to find the strongest shape.  My students love this kit!  I highly recommend them.  They are very sturdy and would be great for math or  recess.  
Straws and Connectors

 Our strongest shape!

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