Monday, July 21, 2014

Mathematical Monday: New Multiplication Tags(Freebie) and Made It Monday

Even though I am teaching fifth grade, I am starting fact fluency the first week of school.  I am sure that many of my new kids will be rusty from the summer and I also have some inclusion students who can use more practice.  I believe that the children will be fresh and motivated to get started…or I hope!!!

I wrote a blog post a few years back and made VIP passes.  I wanted to create something new for this year.  Please check it out, the download is on the post.  

I will include fact practice and games during my guided math blocks and Moby Max on the computer.  (you need a subscription)The children can also do Moby Max at home.  We use timed tests in our district which I will administer 2x a week.  

This year I am going to use the tickets below in the same fashion, but I also added a division card…not sure if I'm going to use lanyards, I might just have them keep them in a library pocket in their math notebooks.  At the end of the year, we will have a VIP party.  

My made it Monday was on my computer.  I spent the day day labeling, sorting, copying all my files.  I spent most of the time organizing my clipart and papers.  Now I can find things so much easier.  I keep a file of things that need to get put on my zip drive before I file them.  I like the key chain USB and I always have my files with me at home and school.

Another project that was accomplished are banners for my Math and Science boards.  Check out the free pennant on TPT made by Amber Polk.  I love the bright colors in patterns.  Can't wait to hang them up!
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  1. I love that you start the year with math fluency! I did that, too, when I taught 4th grade math for the last 2 years. It's so important!! Now, I'm off to organize my computer like you did! It's been on my list FOREVER! Have a great week!
    Fun in Room 4B

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  3. I love the pennants for your bulletin board headings. Thanks for the link to the freebie. I will definitely be checking that out. I spent a five hour flight in May copying, renaming, and filing files on my computer. I think I'm already due for another organization session.
    The Traveling Teacher

  4. I love your VIP tickets! I will pass that along to my partner teacher who teaches my students math. I also keep all my files with me on a key chain USB. It definitely made my life easier!

    Fit to be Fourth

  5. Thanks for reminding me about the VIP passes. I'm teaching math again this year after a few years off and this is a great idea.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I was going to reply to your comment on my blog, but you are a no-reply blogger. Didn't know if you knew that or not!

  6. I have busted two thumb drives this year. I need to come up with the best way to store all my files. I have them's just a matter of making sure they are protected. :(
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'