Monday, July 14, 2014

Mathematical Mondays: Math Notebooks and a Freebie!

I'm starting a new series to get me focused on my content areas that I will be teaching in the fall.  I will be featuring blog posts every Monday on ideas, lessons, literature, etc. that are centered on Math.  Please check back each week to see what's happening in my classroom or that I have discovered!

I love using math notebooks with my students.  I prefer using composition books so that the pages don't fall out…remind them to not rip pages out.  Keep your eyes open for the sales.
I have them set up the first few pages for the table of contents.  We use the back pages for chapter vocabulary.  I have them work backwards, right to left.

My first page is "Mathematician."  I shrink my journal pages down when I photocopy them so that they fit into their notebooks.  Click to get a copy of this FREEBIE.
Click for Freebie

I created a Poster Set and Printable called "Words Problem Solving." It is available on TPT.  It is a set of three posters to hang on your math wall/board.  There are 2 small versions to glue in their notebooks notebooks.  

I printed out my set which I will laminate and hang on printed background paper for my "Monday Made It Linky Party.


  1. I got a class set of composition books at Walmart for 50 cents each.

  2. Love the idea!! Do you think I could join in on this? I'm always looking for ways to keep my blog active, and this sounds manageable :) I'm also looking to go deeper into my math workshop this year.
    Learning With Mrs. S

    1. I would love that! What are your thoughts? Contact me by email…