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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Light Bulb Moment (Motivating Student Participation)

Today I was teaching a math lesson on place value.  I saw the light bulb go off in one of my student's faces and a hand shot in the air.  I spontaneously ran to my closet and pulled out my bucket of "light bulbs" and put one on his desk.  It was amazing how many hands went up during the remainder of class.

I took a photo of my student and you can see how proud he is feeling.   I am going to enlarge a light bulb and let kids sign their name on it.
I ordered the light bulbs a few years ago for writing workshop. (I am now teaching just math and science) I did a search for "light bulb stress ball" and there are many companies that still sell them.  I bought mine at Office Playground.

Here is my can I made.  Coffee can spray painted black.
Here is a link from There's No Place Like Second for the free printable

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  1. Love this! I can see students actively participating if they know these fun little goodies will show up on their desks for the lesson. Thanks for sharing!


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