Saturday, September 26, 2015

PEMDAS Hopscotch

I will be teaching Order of Operations this week.  After seeing Dave Burgess speak at our opening day, I have been motivated to "Teach Like a Pirate."  I would consider myself a pirate but have been giving it some extra effort this year.  There is always room for improvement.  

This week I will be teaching OA.1 and OA.2.  I will use my PEMDAS hopscotch boards, Order of Operation Shuffle, and a surprise visit from my Dear Aunt Sally.  Some people do not like gimmicks, but we need children to be excited about school and learning.  

I will teach the chant below with gestures for the kids to chant as
they hop down the board.  I will also have them hop as they solve equations.

Order of Operations, Evaluate Equations(2x)
Parenthesis and Brackets(2x)
Exponents with Powers(2x)
Multiply or Divide in the order that they come
Divide or Multiply in the order that they come
Add or Subtract, Subtract or Add
Doing Algebra is totally rad!
I bought 12x12 vinyl square floor tiles at Lowes.  70 cents a piece.  
I made 4 sets for my classroom.
I first printed out my signs on colored card stock.  (will hang)
I traced the letters on white copy paper and used them as stencils to trace on the tiles.

Click below for your free printable
Click for link 

 I used both the chisel marker,  both worked great on the tile.

I have a few notebook pages in my 5th Grade Interactive Notebook on TPT or my Multiplication, Division & Order of Operation Notebook for 5th graders that would be perfect for this lesson.

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  1. I just started a 5th grade tribe group on Facebook! I would love to have you join in!