Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday's Five Fabulous Finds

Our guest speaker this week was Dave Burgess.  He was phenomenal!  He is very motivational and inspiring.  I am so glad that our district is heading in this direction.  I am tired of hearing about test scores.  We need to get our children excited about their learning!  If you have the chance to see him do it!  If not, read his book, "Teach Like a Pirate."
 Thanks Jen Pierce for the photo on the right
Dave moves so much and fast all my pictures were blurry!
I survived my first three days of school with students.  I feel like I did not accomplishment many things.  It was so hot on the top floor and getting my students adjusted to a new school was a challenge.  We also had our first assembly and picture day.  I did not lose anyone, no one missed a bus and there were no tears.  (We did have a missing lunch box but it was found a day later)  I am looking forward to next week and hope to take more pictures!!!

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