Monday, October 12, 2015

Human Place Value for Big Kids

Teaching  the place value standards can be challenging.  I wanted to come up with a more engaging and kinesthetic approach this year to use with my fifth graders.   I came up with the idea of "Human Place Value for Big Kids."  the cards can be used with other grades too.

Each student got a digit and a place value name card.  They had to go get into one of the line ups at the start of the lesson.  I used it to go over many place value skills and vocabulary including; digits, value, place value, periods, comparing numbers, greatest, and least.

I used the cards for another lesson on our standard that moving to the right is 10x, 100x, 1000x more of the digit and moving to the left is 1/10 of, 1/100 of, 1/1000 of the digit.

I used the cards to model exponents for another lesson.  Students moved places to see the patterns of exponents and zeros.

I printed out two sets of cards, so all of my students could be an active participant in the lessons that I have done.  I did each place value period in a different color and laminated all cards for durability.  I printed out extra sheets of zeros.

The possibilities are endless.  I will use it when we get into decimal unit.

You can can create your own set of cards or purchase my set of TPT for $4.00

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