Sunday, October 25, 2015

Project Reviews...New Way to Share

My two science classes completed their first at home projects and I was thrilled with the results. They created "States of Matter" brochures.  I didn't want to have them all share orally because they would have heard the same information over and over. It can get very monotonous listening to 46 reports.

I decided to try something different.  I broke my children into groups of four.  We discussed constructive criticism and how you can suggest things in a positive way.  Each child had to review the brochure and leave a comment on the sticky note and then pass it to the right.  They were told to also read the previous comments so it was not repetitive.  I then had the groups of four choose the #1's out of the group and tell why they liked it.  We had 6 #1's for each class.  

I have two science classes so they reviewed the opposite class.  I had already scored the brochures and had my comments under the sticky.  I thought it was very successful and they kids loved reading the comments.

My favorite review...sub-par drawings!!!  
I don't think I have ever used that word in a sentence before.

The project is part on my Matter Really Matters unit which is available on TPT for $7.00.