Sunday, October 18, 2015

Top Secret Science

I am the proud owner of my school's first "Teach Like a Pirate" T-shirt.  I was awarded one at our last staff meeting for my Aunt Sally lesson and now I have gotten the pirate bug!  I don't want my pirate lesson to become a one hit wonder.  Every week I look over my plans and think of ways to get my kids more engaged.  I want my students going home and talking about what they did in school.  I want them to get so excited that they want to come back for more!  
I decided to introduce my "Mystery Powder Lab" as a detective.  I set up the story that someone broke into the school and stole all the labels off the white chemicals.  I was assigned to the case and needed their help.  Their mission was to identify the unknowns.  I made up secret agent tags and case files for each group.  The lab was a huge success!!!!
The lesson took two periods to complete.  They kids wanted the introduction show repeated the next day.  The video was my first run...I got so winded running around but I got much better with practice!!!  It was a great way to pass out materials...the kids were so entertained.

I wrapped up the lesson with another powerpoint.  They were riddles describing each mystery powder.  This lab was part of my Matter Unit available on TPT for $7.00. You could use your own powder lab.